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  • Are you feeling emotionally and physically exhausted?
  • Are unsupportive habits, compulsions and addictions making you feel worse?
  • Are you sabotaging the flow of health, love & abundance to you?
  • Are chronic health complaints plaguing your everyday life?
  • Are your relationships fraught with tension?
  • Is your sex life frustrating or non existent?
  • Do you have crippling fears or phobias?
  • Is body shame all consuming?
  • Does it feel impossible for you to live authentically?


I hear you and I can totally relate.
‚ÄčAnd¬†I'm happy to tell you that change IS possible when we heal¬†the emotional wounds that drive the issues and¬†re-wire¬†our thinking using Rapid Transformational Therapy.

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Hello, I'm Sally and I'm a Clinical Hypnotherapist and an Advanced Rapid Transformational Therapist.

Through this powerful work, I've helped people to transform things like: anxiety, insomnia, menopause, disordered eating, relationship issues, money blocks, addictions, depression and more. 

From helping hundreds of clients I've discovered that change occurs when we feel seen, understood and connected.  And so that's my job.  For every client I take on, I'm fully invested in connecting with you and seeing you deeply.   I combine the skills I've honed over the years with a deep sense of empathy to bring you a powerful session which will transform your life.

You will have found me because you wanted to change something (like quit smoking or fix a problem), but what you'll find is that it's never about the symptom, it's always about what's DRIVING the symptom... and for that we need to go deep. 

My clients always say that RTT is like 10 therapy sessions rolled into one and so you'll leave feeling liberated and untethered from a sub conscious narrative that was never working for you in the first place. 

Give me 30 minutes of your time and I'll show you how I can give you your life back.

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Brain fog & Low Energy

"Working with Sally has been a miracle, I just want everyone to know about it.   I was literally stuck and had been for a few years.   Having the RTT has been immensely transformational.  Immediately I started getting up in the mornings with no struggle, the self sabotage and negative thoughts have ceased.  The brain fog has lifted.  I can now think coherently and engage in proper conversations without zoning out."  GC 

Compulsive Eating

"Before I came to see Sally I couldn’t get motivated to get healthy, I was really using food to comfort eat and I had become the heaviest I’ve ever been.  The most compelling thing to me was that immediately after the session I wanted to take care of myself  and so everything I’d been avoiding doing,  I started looking at again.  RTT helped me to turn the switch off on sugar and that’s been game changing because it hasn’t felt like a battle, so I do feel in control of myself again.  And the other great thing is that I don’t feel the shame and embarrassment about my body that I used to, so thank you."  Cheryl

Lifelong Anxiety & IBS

"The sessions were amazing!  I am still actively benefiting every single day from working with Sally. The investment I made to work with Sally is most definitely one of the best decisions I have ever made - if not THE best.   I cannot recommend Sally highly enough...if you are considering working with her PLEASE do yourself the greatest favor and do it as soon as possible!"  Paula Lucas

3 Reasons Why Some Struggle To Change Their issues (and how to guarantee you don't)

Reason 1

They don't believe that what they want is available to them.

Most people are observing what they have created from a previous emotional set point and they are programmed to see what's in front of them rather than the possibilities that exist.  RTT ignites your imagination and helps you to see that what is possible and gives you a route to get there.

Reason 2

They never invest in themselves & always try to look for the free solution online. 

Why does it work best when you invest?  Because you have more skin in the game.  Most people don't like the idea of wasting money, so if they invest, it makes them more likely be fully invested in their change.

Reason 3

They never heal their childhood pain.

Without untethering yourself from childhood attachments or beliefs of unworthiness stemming from childhood, you’ll continue to act out your issues.   This results in inauthentic living which is painful for your soul.   Free-ing yourself from childhood pain or enmeshment is not only liberating, it's not as scary as it might sound.  Let RTT and me hand hold you through the process. 

Every decision you make has the power to radically affect your life.  And when you recognise how much you'll save by not having ongoing therapy, RTT feels like a no brainer.

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